The petulant President land mines the White House


True colours are coming out everywhere. Perhaps we could cynically say that this is the most work Obama has done on foreign relations in 8 years. His petulance couldn’t be more obvious. Such is the mark of his total lack of disrespect for his successor he is literally planting land mines around the White House to obstruct him in anyway he can. It certainly isn’t the mark of a great leader that so many fawn over him for. It is clear Obama never read Aesop’s fables. If he had perhaps he might reflect on the NSA’s hacking of Angela Merkel’s mobile phone calls in 2013. Somehow to me eavesdropping on an ally is more egregious than seeking intel from a historical foe.

The Russian response (above) to Obama shows once again their lack of respect for him much the same as China. The allegations of election hacking are absurd. I’ve made the point many times before but the intelligence agencies of all major powers hack each other on an industrial scale. The CIA, NSA and so on are cyber-droning for competitive intelligence. The Russians, Chinese, Brits, Germans, Italians, Israelis, Australians (busted for spying on ally Indonesia), Iranians, Saudis and so on.Where does he think intelligence comes from? Do the CIA call up and ask the enemy? No it steals it. That is why in wartime, armies use encryption to make sure it isn’t hacked.

Despite recounts, riots, protests, hopelessly biased mainstream media and many other forms of excuses to undermine the legitimacy of the incoming President the outgoing President is doing his utmost to ensure a smooth transition is impossible. At the very least with less than a month to go he might have consulted Trump on his intentions on Russia and Israel.

Abstaining from voting on the UN resolution was gutless. Not voting at all was a weak act. If Obama truly wanted to give his disapproval he could have voted against Israel with a direct act of disapproval. Instead he did what he has one for 8 years on foreign policy – nothing.

The irony of all of this is simple. If Trump manages to fill the potholes and clear the garden of land mines laid by Obama in short order once again it will highlight just how empty those 8 years have been. Nothing but hollow posturing and moral preening. Outside of that his legacy will be neutered and that is the true hallmark of a lame duck.

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