#Make Australia Great Again


Make Australia Great Again. Yes, I buy that slogan. Politics in Australia has plunged such low depths that we need to drain Lake Burley Griffin and plug the fountain that espouses empty rhetoric. I honestly thought it would be hard for PM Turnbull to top the incompetence of the Rudd/Gillard years but his time will be remembered for what he didn’t do than what Rudd/Gillard mismanaged to. Inaction, constant blowing with the breeze, ordering Royal Commissions without all the facts in the hope it might buy him a smidge of popular support he so desperately craves. In his almost 16 months in office he has done nothing worthy of mention and his ‘style’ of politics so brazenly boasted and promised back in September 2015 have not even remotely been delivered. Most conservative Lib voters knew this would happen yet wondered how so many Liberal MPs allowed Turnbull to bury their judgment all based on lousy polls which have proven to be inaccurate. Abbott still would have won by a larger margin than Turnbull last election. I await insults at this statement.

The problem with so many politicians today is that they stand for nothing. That probably could be said throughout the ages. However many of today’s political breed merely want to appear good rather than do anything to make a difference. The serve up a platter of platitudes. The list is long – Obama, Trudeau, Cameron,  Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Turnbull, Andrews, Weatherill, Palaszczuk, Barr etc. The sad thing about Tony Abbott’s demise was he actually stood for something. He wasn’t without fault (who isn’t) and he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but I met the man in person and found him to be the genuine article.  There was no veneer. He was approachable. Foreign countries like Japan loved him (and couldn’t understand why he was turfed). He honestly had people’s best interests at heart. In that sense he wasn’t a politician at all. His service to the community such as volunteer fire fighting were actions over words yet the sneering mainstream media  had to take every opportunity to pot shot a dedicated party man for having several $50 bills in his wallet. Surely he should have been burnt at the stake for such a crime!

Hashtag politics to social media is rife. I wish ALL politicians would stop using it. I think it clouds judgement. A ‘like‘ or ‘share‘ on Twitter or Facebook means nothing in the grand scheme of things. It isn’t an endorsement and I’m sure many hitting ‘like‘ probably haven’t read much beyond the headline. Politicians should just get on with what they’ve been elected to do. If I had my way, social media for politicians would be banned.  Helping constituents is all about the long game. Not a knee jerk response to a Twitter feed.

I look at Brexit and question why certain politicians are taking it upon themselves to override the wishes of their constituents. The whole idea that many are regretting voting “leave” is utterly bogus. Yet the same mainstream media is begging for people to believe their biased discourse that a skewed survey of 2,000 people speak for 17,000,000. Is it any wonder NY Times is offering subscriptions at 60% off. People are tired of reading and listening to the out of touch.

Sadly, Turnbull has divided the Liberal Party, probably beyond repair. Their internal discord is only too evident. He has consistently thrown his loyal ministers under the bus if the public sentiment seems to criticize the action.

It makes sense for Bernardi to split. Record numbers of conservative voters (including me) elected to nominate other parties because they couldn’t consciously fathom their party could stoop to the shambolic antics of Labor. I’d voted Lib all my life except this election. It wasn’t a protest vote – it was that the Libs no longer represented my beliefs. Over half the party had sold out as mercenaries. What is sad is that if they were true mercenaries you’d ask for your money back such is their lack of will to fight for common sense. They are now obviously so caught up in their own folly they believe that sticking their heads in the sand will make the problem vanish. Fat chance.

Despite Turnbull scraping home in the election gone by, if he was a CEO in the business world he would be forced (or if he had the grace, offer) to resign to the board for such a woeful outcome. He knows it too. Yet becoming PM was more about him than serving the nation. Therefore if the Liberal Party remains motionless on the sidelines and fail to boot Turnbull they’ll lose the next election even with a Labor Party that is hardly flavor of the month. If Bernardi gives traditional conservative voters a place to go and Gina Rinehart backs him then I think it has a lot of legs. Australian politicians remain too fixated on small issues when the danger of recession looms large. The more the press gang up on Bernardi the more we’ll know how petrified they are of his chances. Maybe they need look at the NY Times which has seen revenue tumble 50% in the last 12 years with EBITDA plunging 2/3rds.

I want an end to the lost decade in Australia. Many Australians are sick of Politocs. Faith and trust in politicians plunges to new lows. Populist parties which ‘listen’ to the concerns of the people can’t help but gain – people don’t want more government, more regulation, less control and being lectured to about their concerns. Australian culture was founded on grit and toil. It isn’t about trading it for some apparent greater good bannered under the divisive practice of diversity. Make Australia Great  Again.

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