Silent night, Holy night all was calm, all was bright. Merkel must resign


Angela Merkel should resign. Instead of trying to have the police charge innocents releasing videos of migrant gangs assaulting innocent female passengers in subways on public safety awareness grounds, instead of asking German women to wear more appropriate clothing to avoid being raped or sexually assaulted, instead of setting up a taskforce headed by a former Stasi member to clamp down on social media ‘hate speech’ we now have a truck plough through a Berlin Christmas market killing 9 and injuring 50. Of course the driver’s details have yet to be released but I’m betting if it was a ‘white’ German we would have heard about it immediately. I’m happy to stand corrected but if it is a radicalized terrorist I won’t be in the least bit surprised.  (Update: apparently he is of Chechen origin) How many more innocent German citizens must die before Merkel realizes her open doors policy has been a catastrophic failure. Not even the rape and murder of an EU Parliamentarian’s daughter by an Afghan refugee warrants media coverage for being too local. Are they serious?

While in theory it is nice to preach tolerance and peace, in practice if some of the people responsible for perpetuating crimes against citizens aren’t dealt with properly then it won’t stop. Those responsible for rape and murder, unprovoked violence or general public disorder are given free license to do so. I’ll never forget a town hall meeeting where citizens were protesting the lack of action taken by the mayor over migrant antics. The mayor is roasted by the audience for suggesting they adapt to refugees by choosing other routes for their grandchildren  to  go to school and so on. He threatens to call the police if the crowd doesn’t conform. It is the same politically correct nonsense that requires laws and restrictions on the people who are being forced to give up their freedoms for the sake of welcoming those who in some cases show zero respect for the hospitality, help and assistance (often way in excess of what state pensioners would receive) and repay it through violence.

You can try to import people to offset a declining workforce but if you openly allow their culture, which can be of a persuasion that is completely at odds with those living there, to replace your own there will be problems. I’m not against multiculturalism but there should only be one set of laws in a country. There should be no softening or special conditions for particular groups. I was especially glad to see a judge in Australia charge a Muslim woman who refused to stand as he entered the court because she only stood for Allah. I live in Japan. There are some rules I’m not fond of but I’ll happily go home if I can’t stand them. It is not up to Japan to bend the laws to my liking. I accept them because living here is a privilege not a right.

Let’s be real folks. Genuine refugees escaping death and persecution from war zones and understanding the new start being offered would not be willfully doing such hateful atrocities.

I’m sure that people will put up German flags on their facebook walls, say Je Suis Berlin and progressive governments will light up monuments but as I’ve said before, nothing but zero tolerance will stop such acts from occurring. Not for one second will preaching our ‘moral virtue’ convince the kind of scum that thinks mowing people down at a peaceful and historic Christmas market in a large truck is justified in any way.

Put it this way, Merkel has already realized her folly by seeking to ban the burka but unless she immediately deports/jails any migrant that commits the most minor of crimes she won’t prevent such acts from happening again. No, clamping down on your own people to cover up the mess you created is not the solution. If anything you are making your chances of a fourth term slimmer.

I went to the Christmas market in Hibiya Park last weekend with a German couple. They were proud of their culture. It was a wonderful mood and celebration. I wonder now whether Germans will have to fly to Japan to attend a Christmas market safe in the knowledge no one would drive a truck into a bunch of innocents.

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