It’s an A+ for the Obama’s


I’ve often remarked at the arrogance and narcissism of the Obama’s. For that I’d award them an A+. Never have I seen a first couple so openly celebrate their own perceived successes. Michelle Obama’s “now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.” First Lady, hope isn’t a strategy! While I’ll admit the Obama’s got a hospital pass in the GFC, but higher regulation, failing household income growth, anaemic productivity and a huge leap in people on welfare aren’t things to crow about. Obama spent no idle moment to take an opportunity to pat himself in the back. The narcissism was spurred on by the mainstream media who lauded the “hip” new age President and FLOTUS.


Throughout my career as a manager, without question my best performers were those that just let the results speak for themselves. They wouldn’t jump up and down with flashing neon signs begging to get my attention. They just delivered and let me determine (pretty simply I might add) their understanding of clients. They didn’t try to doctor and game in-house quantitative stats on call rates or ‘intensity’ – in fact they had the worst records which mattered not because their external performance was top drawer. I used to deflect everyone in my senior management team who questioned their lack of adherence to meaningless numbers. We even had an account management system which would alert others on the account to assist cooperation. While it could have been useful, invariably we saw that the underachievers went on blasting useless info to everyone, especially ahead of performance reviews. All it did was become a garbage in, garbage out system.  I argued that if we matched the sharp increase in  infoblasts by certain individuals ahead of reviews with long standing underperforming accounts they’d correlate highly.

So I look at the constant grandstanding by the Obama’s and wonder at the level of hypocrisy of their “when they go low, we go high.” Although Trump has yet to set foot inside the White House, where is the grace from the soon to be former occupants? Why can’t they wish the incoming president with dignity? Instead they have to smear and ridicule. Did George W Bush slime Obama? Did Bill Clinton smear Bush? Not that I can remember. Once again the Obamas could go quietly if they don’t want to wish him well in the role.

So for all the adulation thrust on the Obamas for being graceful and bringing a certain class to the White House, their actions certainly throw large questions as to what standards certain people hold them to. Sounds to me they’re  sitting in first class holding economy tickets.

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