Jill Stein for President? Thank you famous Hollywood actors – we forgot to listen last time


Once again Hollywood celebrities have made a last ditched effort on video to appeal to the college electors to vote for someone ’eminently qualified’ i.e. not Trump. They said  “we’re not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton”. So I guess we’re left with Jill Stein, Gary ‘Aleppo’ Johnson and Evan McMullin who gained less than 5% of the national vote combined. The most annoying aspect these champagne socialists reveal is the same condescending way they suggest they and the  electors know better than the people. Celebrities have next to NO idea about how the real world works save for the likes of Mark Wahlberg who has been active telling celebrities to shut up. He grew up in the poorer neighborhoods so at the very least has some level of understanding of the minds that rejected the establishment.

However this idea that somehow celebrities can empathize with Bob, an out of work metal basher in Ohio who has 3 kids, a mortgage, has foregone seeking medical help for his chronic back pain because he can’t afford it and a wife who works 3 jobs to scrape by amazes me every time. These are the people that voted for Trump because he promised hope (knowing it wasn’t guaranteed). They weren’t stupid. They’d been fed 8 years of empty promises and their lives have not shared in the wealth of asset bubbles the well heeled have. Should electors (who are likely not to be on Struggle St.) ignore the wishes of voters who voted with their conscience expect civil unrest. They’ve nothing to lose. Their dreams will be crushed if the result isn’t carried

Look at equity markets, look at inventory data – consumer and business confidence is bouncing because that is the American way. They’re entrepreneurs at heart and they sniff opportunity again. They want a slice of the dream. An overload of liberal policies and regulations took that away. Are electors going to overlook the market moods? Can you imagine if HRC was made President? Markets would tank. The dollar would puke and the idea that 4 more years of failed Obama would ensue?

Let’s think for a minute about the outcomes outside the presidential race on Nov 8. The Dems lost the following in the 2016 election:

60 seats in the house

10 in the senate

14 governorships

This was a huge repudiation of Obama and his  ineffectiveness to a growing number of voters. This was a vote of no confidence in more ‘Democrat’ rule where the party lost the very people its charter proclaims they represent and protect. Voters thought otherwise.

For electors to overturn and reject voters wishes they are supposed to represent requires the greatest levels of arrogance and condescension of democracy.

The chance of Trump not taking the Oval Office are slim but beware the consequences of electors stealing the election outcome from the winner. Sure liberals would argue that it was constitutional (and they’d be right) but Trump is no Hitler and the idea that a bunch within 500 odd people can seek to overrule the wishes of 64mn based on pure unproven fiction is about as undemocratic as you can get. Blame Russia? Even Putin would blush at these theatrics of such empty propaganda were they to happen in Russia. Nyet!!!

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