If in doubt just blame Russia – everyone else seems to


Next time you’re pulled over for speeding, reprimanded by the boss or late for a meeting just blame Russia. Never had there been a more convenient excuse than this. If you wake up with a hangover it’s probably Russia’a fault for slipping something in your drink too and I’m pretty sure that the taxi that didn’t stop was probably due to a Russian hack.

Rasmussen’s latest poll on what people think of the Russian claim conducted on Dec 12-13 revealed:

“56% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it’s more likely that many in the media are working to get Clinton elected president. Just 26% disagree and say it’s more likely that the Russian government is working to get Trump elected.”

While the Democrats have been arguing that Russia was involved in tricking 64 million odd Americans into voting Trump now some in the UK are claiming Brexit was due to Russian interference. Of course it’s an easy hook for a media beat up. Putin is a bully with no respect for others is the accusation so meddling in elections . He doesn’t pretend to be a choir boy in world affairs and he certainly doesn’t mince words. Journalists tread on egg shells when interviewing him unlike any other politician out there.

In reality America’s cyber agencies  hack Russia as much as Russia’s hacks China which in turn hacks America which hacks China which…you get the point.

Like I said many may not like the result but looking for every excuse u fee the book to try and protest a result smacks of exactly the problem in the first place – the Democrats should have selected a better candidate but the failed to do so in the proviso it was “Hillary’s turn.” Perhaps Sanders should blame the Russians…perhaps Debbie Wasserman-Schulz was acting on their behalf. Hang on a minute that was an internal skewering…,

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