Has Germany lost its mind?


Talk about getting your priorities straight. Many of you have now seen the video of a migrant kicking an innocent German lady (now hospitalized) down a flight of stairs in a Berlin subway. It now appears that the police seem interested in determining whether the person that released the video for “public attention” (for lack of a better word) has violated personal data leakage laws because he might compromise the identity of the attackers.

What world do we live in when a country seeks to punish someone who alerts the public of clear safety risks because the ill thought out policies and strategies of the government won’t? What we do know is it follows exactly the same incoherent pandering to cover up a strategy that has woefully backfired.

I suppose congratulations are in order. The German people can exercise the moral high ground by accepting the assault of its citizens for cultural enrichment. The Germans aren’t known for their sense of humor but there is nothing funny about the stupidity of prosecuting the harmless vs the harmful.

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