US consumer confidence rising


Rasmussen Reports put out a poll which backs up what I was saying about a Trump presidency this morning.  Confidence is coming back. On that note I sincerely hope that electoral college officials do the right thing and vote according to their electorates and not think their individual opinions are more important. After all what gives them moral authority to override the will of the people because they think they no better. Elections have been stolen before. In the case they installed HRC, markets would tank along with confidence not to mention huge civil unrest given many are hopeful they’ll escape from under the hole. Back to Rasmussen which wrote:

Shopping Isn’t the Big Story This Holiday Season – Holiday shopping season may be upon us, but the real story this month is the boom in economic confidence.

In the month since Donald Trump was elected president, consumers have become far more confident not just in the current state of the economy but in its direction as well.

Thirty-three percent (33%) of adults now rate the economy as good or excellent, up two points from last month. It is only the second time this year that confidence has reached that level and the second highest rating since May 2015. Those who rate the current state of the economy as poor dropped a whopping nine points to 23% this month and is at its lowest level since the Consumer Spending Monitor started in April 2014.

Consumers are even more confident when it comes to economic direction. Thirty percent (30%) now say that they expect the economy to continue getting better over the next year, the highest level of confidence since August of 2015. Although 33% still say they expect a worsening economy, this finding is down 12 points from last month and is the lowest level of pessimism since January 2015.

It’s interesting to note however, that just because consumers feel good about the economy doesn’t mean they’re ready to claim victory with their own pocketbooks. Confidence in the current state of personal finances as well as the direction of personal finances remained flat.”

America is the land of opportunity and risk taking. These stats reveal people are feeling better – of course execution is 99% of the game but it would seem that the long lost confidence is back. Don’t drop the ball electors. You don’t know what you’ll trigger if you don’t.

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