Obama endorses mutiny


In his final days as President, Obama has still not learnt that he shouldn’t talk down to people. He did it at Brexit. He did it to an audience of African Americans telling them they’d insult his legacy if they didn’t vote for HRC when it was indeed him insulting them for forgetting they probably voted him in twice. As much as liberals love to praise him as the “best ever” or “without scandal” can they look themselves in the mirror and endorse his words effectively suggesting the military disobey Trump if they feel compelled? Yes, in short – mutiny appears to be ok in Obama’s books.

Obama said to a group of soldiers at MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa, Florida on Tuesday that,

“each of us has…the universal right to speak your minds and to protest against authority; to live in a society that’s open and free; that can criticize our president without retribution.”

Now for a lame duck president who made Jimmy Carter look like Superman to be throwing the next POTUS under the bus shows yet again the ultimate vanity of the man.

The military despises Obama. Not least for cutting spending but for turning the US forces into a laughing stock. For allowing them to be bullied by Putin in Syria in a way that would upset generals in Luxembourg. He allowed China to build man made military bases in hotly contested waters. Remember when Beijing snubbed Obama?  Arriving at Hangzhou Xiaoshan airport, the receiving China delegation made sure there was no staircase with red carpet for Obama to exit the plane and descend. No, the president of the world’s most powerful nation was forced to use an emergency exit of Air Force One for his final state visit. Obama was more interested in spending millions on changing military titles to non gender specific ones, lowering the fitness criteria to join the military and push the military to host LGBT pride days. All a military force should be is a well drilled gnarly toothed group of effective fighters that no one dare mess with. Well it was a rout but at least some were captured and we are working with our enemy to ensure their minority rights are protected inside the POW camp.

America has had its fair share of mutiny.

In 2013 as the Obama Administration continued to make its case for war in response to Bashar al-Assad’s use of chemical weapons, photos surfaced of American military personnel hiding their faces behind signs denouncing the proposed military action.

During the latter years of American involvement in Vietnam, opposition to the war within the armed forces had become a major problem for the Pentagon. Soldiers deserted in huge numbers and in some cases, sailors sabotaged their own vessels to prevent troop deployments.

During the Christmas bombings of North Vietnam in late 1972, B-52 crews flying from bases in Guam and Thailand refused to participate in further missions. While some pilots reportedly opposed taking part in the raids on moral grounds, more protested the appalling casualty rates being suffered by the American bomber crews. As many as 34 Stratofortresses were lost to enemy air defences during the 11-day campaign along with nearly 50 other aircraft. Eventually a dozen officers were disciplined for dissenting, however mission planners eventually suspended the campaign.

On New Years Day in 1781, much of Pennsylvania’s 2,400-man army stationed at Jockey Hollow, New Jersey staged a mass walk out after serving without pay in unbearable conditions for more than three years. Commanders tried to rein in the dissidents with threats of violence, but troops sent to suppress the mutiny joined it themselves. The disgruntled soldiers claimed that their enlistments, which stipulated only three years of service, had expired. Sensing an opportunity to split the rebels, the British general Sir Henry Clinton promised to compensate the Pennsylvanians for their back wages if they quit the rebellion and sat out the war at home. The soldiers refused the offer. They were eventually placated when general Anthony Wayne and George Washington’s aide de camp Joseph Reed granted all mutineers formal discharges with special cash bonuses if they’d re-enlist for the duration of the war.

I only pray Obama doesn’t become like Greenspan after leaving and pontificate about what the current person in charge should do. I’m afraid that Obama will comment ad nauseum to the mainstream media to undermine Trump at every possible opportunity.

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