What is it Democrats don’t understand about democracy?


What is it Democrats don’t get about democracy? I’m serious – what is it? The amount of blame placed on people who got up and voted for Trump, especially the supposed #WhiteLash. Could it be that the biased media so close to Election Day was 98% cocksure Hillary Clinton would romp home that many would be Democrat voters believed the utter exaggeration of Trump’s nigh on impossible to win and complacently sat on their safe space sofas and realized the folly of their mistake when it was too late. To hear the young people chant “this is not my President!” while they trash public and private property. These same people who whinge at the “lack of intelligence” of Trump’s redneck backers show themselves to be the dumb ones for conforming to groupthink driven by an out of touch media who only fed them with the bias formed in an echo chamber they wanted to hear. The signs were obvious. Did they not see those outer city yokels doing it tough while they blissfully chewed on A-5 wagyu steaks washed down with new world merlot from Argentina behind their gated compounds?.

This election showed Democrats out of touch with midde America. Trump won because he listened and appealed to those who didn’t believe in the bulldust spouted by the Ivy League political masters because they weren’t living that prosperity.


The above map points to the typical intolerant double standards of the liberal left. While they cry outrage at Trump’s locker room talk they remain silent about their own when Weiner is busted for sexting minors and the well known sexual misconduct of Bill Clinton is spoken of. Didn’t they cry “when they go low, we go high”? When an election is run in the gutter on both sides that sort of moral high ground doesn’t exactly win hearts and minds.

So while the Democrats preach diversity, equality, LGBT rights and free education they have no shame in mocking Republicans as coming from “Dumbfuckistan” which if the shoe was on the other foot and Trump supporters hailed Democrats from Demfuckistan they would be assaulted as bigoted white trash, disrespecting the Muslim community by using “-stan.” That’s the beauty of the diversity mob – you’re only one of them if you strictly conform to the letter of their ideology. Stray off message and you’ll be  instantly labeled bigoted, racist, intolerant and probably deplorable  for good measure.

Now it seems those champagne socialists (aka Hollywood celebrities) don’t want to leave after all. Well there is a surprise. While they harped on about equality and diversity (Miley Cyrus even cried on camera about how her life would be ruined if Trump won) they won’t stick to their promises because they know their fragile egos and bank accounts wouldn’t grow outside America. Funny how the situation changes. Amy Shumer now says she was joking.

Reverend Al Sharpton (another who threatened to leave) said, “I think that there’s going to be — rather than going to a blame game, we need to analyze, this man’s going to be president and all that many of us have fought for during our lives is at stake. And we are not going down without a fight and Donald needs to know that.”

I have absolutely no sympathy for people complaining about a result they had a chance to influence had they exercised democratic rights. It is irrelevant that whites voted for Trump. More blacks, Hispanics and other minorities voted for Trump than Romney in November 2011.  Say all they want about divisiveness and every other insult in the book because they didn’t like the outcome they would be better off looking inside themselves at the hypocrisy of what Democrat stands for. They stand for social justice on every form of victimology which now extends to protesting those who exercised democratic rights. They are victims of their own stupidity.

Complain all they want about what a vulgarian Trump is but they had a chance to stop it. Perhaps if Bernie Sanders wasn’t shafted because it was Hillary’s turn to be President the Democrats might have won. Now I hear the “she won the popular vote (by c.200,000)” so it is an unfair result but the election was well known to be based on electoral colleges. Thems the rules folks.  I’m sorry but Democrats also helped Trump into the Oval Office. They may have detested him as a person, they may think of him as a liar, bigot, racist etc but he won that election despite every hurdle and obstacle thrown in his way. Perhaps Trump isn’t as dumb as you made him out to be? With a majority in the House and Senate perhaps he’ll get much more done than many expect. The expectations are that low.

He is already breaking election promises apparently. Seriously people – when a man looks down a camera in front of millions after being busted for lewd talk tells you “no one respects women more than me” you can’t claim you didn’t know that. He knows you know he knows you know. Clinton on the other hand thought she knew you knew she knowed you didn’t know. It’s subtle but another reason why his authenticity pulled this election off.

In closing, hopefully the message here is simple. Instead of Democrats hurling insults at white racists and bigots perhaps they should open their eyes and know they were the very same accomplices that allowed such division to fester. Don’t blame them when it was you that played a role in beating them down into abject poverty. They were the victims of an establishment that didn’t care about them and they chose to be agents of change. They might not have letters after their name but don’t pass them off as stupid when the ones crying they’ve been duped are indeed you.

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