To the Obama lovers – Wake up


I know Obama is loved by many. People speak to his popularity polls which generally rely on 5,000 respondents. Let’s face it, Clinton was going to copy his policies so if they were as amazing as made out then a Clinton presidency was a sure thing. 60 million people voted against Obama/Clinton on Nov 8.Fact.

While I understand many see Obama is a ‘nice man’ he was an exceptionally weak president, so much so that he made Jimmy Carter look like Superman. He was political correctness personified. Michelle Obama’s “#bringbackourgirls” on Twitter was the pinnacle of American impotence. It was an embarrassment. 3Years after the hashtag most of those Nigerian high school girls are in slavery under Boko Haram.

I thought his Nobel Peace Prize was a farce  so soon into his first term. I thought his maiden speech as President was equally farcical. He has been divisive ever since.

Trump was a potty mouthed brazen beast. For Americans struggling he was a voice. He was as Dave Chappell pointed out “the most gangster presidential candidate ever”.

I remember black blogger  Sonnie Williams saying “Black Americans are sick and tired of free shit…its not the American dream…we want an opportunity to own it.” Yet listen to the often farcical Farrakhan and he demolished Obama for neglecting the inner city black community in his home city of Chicago. It was powerful and spoke to the out of touch Nero.

Transgender bathrooms and neutralizing military titles (not to mention dropping standards to allow diversity (i.e.overweight people to join military)) wasn’t what the electorate  wanted. The 4.9% unemployment rate reflected people having to take multiple low paying jobs to make ends meet. Not prosperous growth. Those people made sense to me. 47% of Americans in a Fed survey couldn’t raise $400 in an emergency without selling something.

So while the Democrats pushed Trump’s lack of PC the struggling single mother didn’t give a stuff about grabbing a pussy on a hot mic, they cared about putting food on the table for the kids. The out of touch Dem elites pushed Khizir Khan as a Muslim sacrificing a son (noble to be sure) ! But the electorate cared about food on tables  not politically correct dialogue. The media used it to demonize Trump but he kept hitting “MAGA”.

For we well off  elite class, we have no view on how tough it is on the other side. We can speculate but nothing removes the sheer fear these people live in on a daily basis. Whether eviction or repossession of a car. Political correctness is irrelevant. How Trump thinks about women is irrelevant. The want a saviour. But ask why they need a saviour? It has zero to do with race, education or religion. They want a break. Yes some went overboard on the credit  cards and consumer debt but they did so on the belief it would get better. It got worse.

So before granting Obama a Nobel-esque free kick think of how his bullsh1t ended up turning him into the opposite of what they voted for  – a legacy that in the end didn’t defend itself on its own merits. Live with it. If you still doing it ask why he campaigned so hard in this election and even chastised those who voted in the first place of insulting him if then didn’t vote for Clinton. Telling.

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