Antiestablishment Day


Today is perhaps the most contentious day in many decades. Will Americans blow up the Oval Office or stick to the status quo?

I’ve argued for almost a year that Trump could well do this. It has never been an endorsement (although celebrities have given us their pearls of wisdom in their support for Hillary Clinton and Madonna even offered sexual favours) but I’ve felt disbelief  at the constant mocking of anyone wanting to vote for him without understanding why. It smacked so much of the same arrogant media posts around Brexit trying to argue the Remainers had all the brains trust behind them while Leavers had clowns, despots and idiots to support them. Remainers totally missed the point and howled protest even arguing that some should have voting rights stripped and the youth demanding they have extra votes because they were shocked by their own complacency.

I’ve been disappointed (not surprised) at the incredible bias of the mainstream media in its one-sided reporting. What nobody can deny is that Trump (even if he loses) came so much further than many expected. Laughed off at the primaries and now running neck and neck even after locker room talk and other gaffes. This should have been a no contest election based on common sense. The fact that it isn’t shows two things – what a dreadful candidate Clinton is and how unpopular Obama’s policies truly are, so much so that he’s been on the campaign trail vigorously defending a record which if truly stood the test of its magnificence would mean he’d be working on his golf swing not campaigning.

I’ve repeatedly said Trump represents the growing number of have nots. The people still buried after the 2008 financial crisis. Those working several jobs to make ends meet. The ones that can’t afford healthcare. As Michael Moore put it, “a human Molotov cocktail” to blow up the establishment. I’ve been in awe of the ability for Trump to draw such huge rallies in the tens of thousands. You can feel the passion of the deplorables. They’ve had enough.

Even  if Clinton pulls off the presidency tonight,  her policies have no chance of correcting the shrinking prospects of those backing Trump. They are likely to be a growing number by the time the 2020 election comes to pass. Sadly the global economy is crippled by extremely ineffective central bank policy and poor economic policy judgement by government. More Obama is the total opposite of what the US needs. Many of my Democrat supporting acquaintances live in absolute denial about how perilous a position 8 years of Obama has put the US in. Many of them are/were in financial services and I’m dismayed at how they’d actively support a candidate who pushed for more regulation and control.

This election has revealed a lot of deep-seated anger and hatred. I’ve heard of friends telling me they’ve been deleted from “friends” lists on social media over partisanship. I argue it says more about the deleter than the deleted. An expression of the inner totalitarian. The allegations of misconduct seem to be far more driven by the Democrats if you’re to believe the actions of Bob Creamer et al.

Without a doubt the winners will gloat. Should Clinton win the mass media will celebrate like they had it in the bag from the beginning but they should also realize that they were quietly crapping themselves for over a year.

If Trump wins the shock to markets will be huge. Brexit x 1000. I still believe he has a lot of closet voters who are ashamed to admit they would vote for him in public. The polls to date have been next to useless. That’s why I’ve argued all along that this election will reflect the true underlying state of the economy and the growing levels of poverty. Election Day is the only day the oppressed get an equal say and I’m sure voter turnout this election will be the highest since WW2 if not ever.

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