Why don’t Democrats believe in democracy?


Oh the irony! How can anyone read the Washington Post with any sense of hope for balanced journalism? It won’t come as any surprise as to which party they unashamedly back. The two headlines above (the left published in June after no charges were to be laid by the FBI and the right published this week post the FBI reopening the case) highlight the bias very well.

It is one thing to be accusing the FBI of trying to sway the outcome of the election but isn’t the question here about reopening the case more to do with the discovery of potential perjury? Does the FBI have a moral duty to declare its intention after the election or when it comes to light? Furthermore isn’t it interesting that the Dems are calling for complete transparency on the contents which may indeed hold state secrets?

The recent videos showing evidence of bird dogging rallies and stirring up violence  at Trump events under the guidance of Bob Creamer shows how dirty it is.

I totally get why many Democrats don’t want Trump in the White House. Yet many of those same people deny so many of the wrong doings of the Clinton machine. Earning $250mn as a public servant is no mean feat.

Then there are those who still want to play identity politics saying we need a woman in charge because she’s a woman. I loathe identity politics. Don’t get me wrong I was a huge fan of Thatcher and a big supporter of Tokyo Gov Koike.  Both these women had/have the right stuff and it had/has zero to do with their gender. How can I put this without sounding too cynical? Please give we incompetent males a positive sign that the woman you think best represents why a woman should be in charge is Hillary Clinton. The UK and Japan have provided excellent examples  surely the US talent pool isn’t that thin? It is like a grand opening of a store. You want to put the best products in the shopfront window to attract customers. Would Hillary be your first choice to put in that display?

The ultimate signal in this election is that as inferior a candidate as Trump is he has continued to stay competitive in this race since the primaries despite almost every negative press story and biased media against him. To that end anything short of a landslide for Clinton will actually tell us how awful a choice she really is.


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