The irony of the truth


The irony of the latest action by the FBI to reopen the email scandal is that the Clinton camp is acting virtuous by calling for the content to be expedited in the face of a clear red flag. So close to the election, it can’t be viewed as anything other than a negative. Knowing that the outcome is unlikely to be finalized by the election you feign a Bert Simpson and claim everything is all fine. To turn the proposition on its head had they not furiously tried to delete so many mails they may have known what was there to begin with.

These mails, potentially part of the deleted server, of course throw new doubts around an obvious obstruction of justice.

It is also somewhat surreal that once again Clinton’s campaign has run into problems due to the inability of the men around her to keep the contents behind their zippers from coming out (no pun intended).

I would argue a majority of people will have already made up their mind. If one can put up with all of the lies, corruption, abuse of public office exposed to date to one side this won’t swing it. To Trump supporters this only locks in their hatred. For the undecided voters – first, Can’t this nightmare be over now? Second, I’m ashamed to be American knowing this election has been all about comparing sleaze rather than focus on fixing the division.

Perhaps the Holy Handgrenade from Monty Python is most needed right now, not to “blow thy enemy to bits” but to stun them into the bleak reality their economy is facing – hell.

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