The fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Trump leading early voting in Florida


Early voting results are in for the key state of FlorIda and Trump leads Clinton by 120,000 votes — the first Republican candidate to EVER lead in early voting in Florida. 43% plays 37% in the Trump vs Clinton battle on 2mn votes so far. Forget polls, which if anything have revealed media bias trying to pervert the course of outcomes.

I’ve repeated til blue in the face that this election will be a reflection of the growing state of poverty in America. The growing divide between the haves and the have nots. That decades of neglect followed by 8 years of failed progressive politics has left the gap at unprecedented levels. One thing that has continued to strike me is the turnouts to Trump rallies. 20-30,000 people at a time fed up with the corruption in the political system, last but not least exposed by the FBI’s intention to reopen the Hillary Clinton email server case.

Markets slumped on Friday post the revelation from the FBI. Perhaps more ironic was the release from Clinton’s campaign bigwig John Podesta demanding to know the contents of Weiner and Huma computer. I am almost humored to think that such a request is equivalent to a suspected murderer asking an attorney general to divulge all his evidence and questions to the defendant before the trial. Perhaps there is a downside to deleting emails afterall in that it goes to that saying – tell the truth as it’s far easier to remember.

What many Democrats fail to absorb is this. If Trump loses they can’t sit idly by thinking they’ve won. The disaffected hordes have grown. Many of the so called middle class have seen that status turn south. 4 more years of Obama would exacerbate that number of deplorables.

We can point fingers at the clear mainstream media bias but I’m guessing that those that have seen no change to their desperation over the last 8 years don’t need some flaky journalism to sugarcoat statistics to tell them that life is much better than it is. They’re living flat wages, rising healthcare, the lowest home ownership in 50 years and working more low paid jobs to survive. That isn’t the American dream. They know it so mainstream media bias is just infuriating. They’re not as stupid as oft made out.

Now we have a 3Q GDP print which looks good on the surface but belies inventory build of a scale that if the economy rolls from here corporate earnings will be thumped. This election is not even close to being over despite being less than two weeks out. I just have that feeling that the Republican can do this.

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