The Dirt Locker


“The Dirt Locker” is probably the most apt title for this election and especially  tonight’s debate. It was a case of who could dig more dirt on who? Trump was clearly the underdog so soon after the “tapes” were released but he managed to stay relatively mild mannered (wished he didn’t sniff into the mic so much) and Clinton never really capitalized. This time he didn’t hold back. HRC always speaks more eloquently but Trump had her on the ropes a lot. When throwing mud it only really works if there is nothing for your opposition to dish on you.

No one in their right mind with any sense of civility would condone Trump’s vulgarity in that tape. Interesting that NBC released it when it did in 2016 and not 2005. None-the-less Trump turned the world’s must unbelievable “no one respects women more than I do” apology into her record defending her husband Bill Clinton (his face went white) and his actual mistreatment of women where she had no real comeback. He also talked of a 12yo girl that HRC had laughed at despite being raped. It is hardly the last focal point of the debate for most Americans but the double standard was obvious.

Trump’s biggest hits were:

1) to promise a special inquiry on her scandals, post-subpoena email deletions and shenanigans over the years if he became POTUS. I think many would have rooted for that and the crowd erupted in cheer and laughed when he said “because you’d be in jail!”

2) why hasn’t she used her own multi-millions to help fund her campaign like he had?

3) he happily admitted he used legal loopholes on his taxes that she never voted down because most of her foundation benefactors use the same scheme so shut down that argument.

All Trump had to do was draw at worst and he did that pretty comfortably. The sad part for Clinton was he was rehearsed and she played his game. He raised every reason to despise her – deleting  emails after a subpoena, ignoring 600 requests pleading for help in Benghazi, Bill’s treatment of women and how she is just 4 more years of the same stuff. She never landed a stiff uppercut and her eyes showed it again and putting on a cheesy grin never helped

Clinton will always win a debate on delivery but Trump was himself. Totally self absorbed and full of hyperbole but Trump. Clinton did better than debate 1 but she failed to show authenticity and that is one of the main reasons she isn’t streaking away with what should be an unlosable election.

She made some good points with more authority but nothing to really decisively put Trump out of his misery. Her best comment was actually to praise Trump’s kids because she sounded convincing even if that suggested he raised them right. Yes she is a fighter but she’ll need to hit it out of the park if she is to decisively win on Nov 8 and the third debate hosted by Fox.

People are sick and tired of this election campaign. The main issues really weren’t discussed. The economy is dying yet the debate moderators focused on zeitgeist rather than reality. Paul Ryan was booed this week for (understandably) taking the politically correct option to drop support of Trump. That is the mood  – people sick of politics.

Saving for something so obscene to be released on Trump he is not out of this election by a long shot. Growing poverty which I’ve argued from the beginning is most at stake. If you’ve been brushed aside for decades because no one in the establishment is listening to your pleas, you’re likely to want change from that at almost any cost. If you are struggling to feed your family because you’re working 3 jobs and the guy that’s a chauvinistic pig offers you hope to get you out of that situation, the choice isn’t hard.

Argue all you like about the reason why a 30 year career politician hasn’t thumped Trump and you only need to know one truth. A growing number of the population is fed up with career politicians.

Await another round of The Dirt Locker. Surely Wikileaks will uncover more IEDs.

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