Three absolute guarantees at the debate none relevant to facts


Three absolute certainties at this debate:

1) supporters from either camp will protest at the moderator’s hardness/softness on their/opponents questions. Even Jimmy Fallon was the subject of attack for not asking probing questions on a late night comedy show.

2) the mass media will spin completely irrelevant and biased commentary on their version of events and social media interpretations will “share” the same nonsense but wholly miss the point.

3) In reality most viewers are likely to be watching their baseball team on stage and regardless of the reality will back them.

I’m not sure if the reality is slowly sinking in for some seeing the polls reverse so suddenly but as I’ve pointed out countless times, Trump would never have seen the light of day had the state of the economy since GFC truly been a miracle. To turn that argument in its head do you not find it intriguing that Obama is so vigorously and frequently on the campaign trail trying to defend his legacy? If it were so crystal clear that his achievements were unquestionable he would be able to be working on his tee-off right now rather than furiously telling others that they’ll insult his legacy if they don’t vote. It’s very telling. Even more telling is WaPo’s poll putting Trump in the lead. Pretty sure it’s much wider.

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