They say young kids are always the best judges of people


They say kids are always the best judge of people. That their young minds do not have a filter so they process everything in black and white with no tact. Poor old Canadian PM Trudeau must be in deep shock at Prince George’s superior understanding of royal protocol.

The irony of it all is that Trudeau is the progressives’ champion of all that’s wrong with politics. The idea that he is so in touch with diversity and social issues created by the very policies he espouses. Idealism won’t fix the plethora of problems faced by the world, mostly economic. I thought his moral high ground speech at the UN was out of touch. Perhaps he could discuss with Merkel or Hollande at how diversity is working for them. I’d honestly suggest Orban but on reflection Trudeau may require a safe space if he got the message that straight.

Thank you, Your Majesty, for pointing out he isn’t as hip as he makes out.

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