First Debate – Eddie the Eagle vs Eric the Eel in an Olympic biathlon

EE EE.png

What a miserable debate. No real winners but potentially 330 million losers. I akin the first debate to a show off between Eddie the Eagle and Eric the Eel in a fused summer/winter Olympic biathlon. Hardly setting the world on fire for raw talent or gripping viewing.

Both started the debate terribly. In the end both candidates couldn’t help themselves in focusing on ‘trust’ issues usually revolving around all of their respective scandals. Mud-wrestling was always expected but Clinton was rattled most at the “release 33,000 emails and I’ll release my taxes.” The audience even jeered against HRC.

Neither came across as “presidential”. Clinton retorted to Trump’s “rest” jibe with “I was preparing to be a president” again said with her trademark angry eyes. Truly irrelevant.

To me Clinton’s eyes did not project “confidence” ,certainly not “authority” something she has to do to stop the arrest in the polls. They project fear, anxiety or anger but not warmth and authenticity.

Trump repeated the word “jobs” too often. He did not bring the argument to any strong conclusions much like Clinton.

Trump’s best relevant points were talking of asset bubbles,  the risk of market crashes, $20 tn debt and the political biases of the Fed. The 33,000 emails was his most successful direct hit. Trump needed to continue on the “anti-establishment” tack. He started to but tailed off on it.

Clinton’s best points were rattling Trump on taxes and not paying his contractors. However I do not believe these issues are high enough up the voters issue list to be meaningful. Otherwise she didn’t dazzle.

Nobody won this debate convincingly. Hillary might have won oh so slightly on points but they were F-grade performances.  At the end Clinton jumped on the gender card – bad move. Once again moving away from the issues that really matter.

In closing, America is in such a parlous state and the fact we have these two candidates speaks volumes of how bad things truly are. Don’t forget that point.Also the last debate will be hosted by Fox which one would imagine plays to The Donald. By the way, Wikileaks next batch is due pretty soon.

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