October Austrian presidential election to be postponed due to the glue on the postal votes


You can’t make this stuff up.  I was beginning to think elections couldn’t top the US for lunacy. I was wrong. After the fraudulent Austrian presidential election In May this year the highest court forced a re-run to be held in October saying the series of foul ups, vote rigging and other shenanigans  resembled something more akin to one held in Africa. The election is being postponed on the grounds the glue which bonds the postal votes isn’t deemed sticky enough.

I wonder if the EU regulates the amount of adhesive strength on postal votes? They certainly don’t want the far-right Norbert Hofer to win the election as Juncker’s already  threatened sanction on Austria if he does. It sounds more like giving Van der Bellen some more campaign time. Surely after the sham election in May, the subsequent terror attacks in neighbouring Germany and Juncker’s threats Austrians have had enough. Perhaps they should send the postal votes with a tube of Austria’s finest araldite and be done with it.

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