Hillary Clinton is listening after all


In what would have to be one of the sleaziest low grade election campaigns I can remember it seems Wikileaks has found evidence to suggest Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was wearing an earpiece during her “commander in chief” performance on NBC. Surely the point of all such debates is to show the public how the nominees think on their feet rather than receive snippets through an earpiece.

Although I’m not a big believer in the accuracy of the polls given many have been rigged to get the result they want to reveal, surely the Democrats must be concerned at how her emails, use of BleachBit and earpiece make her look disingenuous.

I’m surprised at how many who back Clinton try to downplay her behaviour as fair  yet reach for the thesaurus to hammer anything Trump might say.

Trump’s comments that Putin showed greater leadership in Russia than Obama in America is not necessarily incorrect . Trump wasn’t arguing that Ukraine is a moral victory for Putin rather to say that Obama’s foreign policy inaction has been woeful. When Putin attacked Syria he told the US they’d have two hours to get ground forces out of the way before they commenced bombing. That is the warning you give to Luxembourg not the USA.

The Chinese show the same contempt for Obama’s weakness. That man made island in disputed waters is a fully operational military base built as a test to see whether Obama would tell them off. He didn’t. Last weekend the Chinese didn’t even bother to roll out the red carpet or air stairs to receive Obama. He had to climb out the emergency stairs. It was a slap in the face.

The Iranians give Obama no quarter since sanctions were lifted and $400mn given to them. Iranian gunboats harass US Navy vessels regularly.

Seceral years ago Putin invited Merkel for a visit. His intelligence group revealed that the German Chamcellor was afraid of big dogs so he had a large canine attend the meeting.

Back to Hillary Clinton. This is totally her election to lose. The mainstream media continues to puff up her poor performances but it appears Main Street isn’t buying it.

We have the first debate in around two weeks. Wikileaks is looking to release a new barrel of slime ahead of Sep 26. I’ve mentioned before that this won’t be a 1-1 intellectual debate. This debate will seem between a local drunk on a barstool and a politically correct prude who will likely raise the gender card if things don’t go her way. Trump would do well not to fall into that trap but no doubt he’ll be reminding the viewers of her lies, email scandals, Clinton Foundation dirt, Benghazi, hiring Wasserman- Schulz as campaign manager straight after the DNC had no intention of letting Sanders get up, the earpiece and whatever else Assange dredges up.

It will be blood sport. Yet I have a feeling many disgruntled Americans sick of the establishment might enjoy hearing the barstool brawler take his opponent apart. What has been obvious in Mrs Clinton’s addresses is the anger in the eyes. The more Obama tells Americans he’s sure Trump is not suitable I can only suggest his 8 years of on-the-job training have not been anywhere as successful as he makes out.

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