Time to cull the Wallabies at the head, the half and the flank


How can the Wallabies call themselves professionals? Now Nick Phipps has been caught on camera throwing All Black centre Fekitoa’s boot as far away as possible to disadvantage him. Cheika’s team have no discipline. During the England series Hooper threw sand in an opponents face during a scrum

As I pointed out in the first Bledisloe match, the Wallabies don’t look like a team. Players with socks around their ankles before the match starts shows they are showing up for a fee rather than pride in wearing the green and gold. The Wallabies lack the spirit of players like Kearns, Farr Jones, Lynagh, Campo, Gould, Rodriguez or Ella.

If I ran the ARU players like Phipps and Hooper would be suspended for two years at least if not permanently. It is clear they know they can get away with blatantly poor sportsmanship from their own masters and the coach. It shows change is urgently required in the leadership. The Wallabies can blame the ref all they want but there is no doubt the All Blacks are blueprint of team. I sincerely hope that if the All Blacks were being bugged the Wallabies were  wondering how to be a team.

Australia needs to do no soul searching. Strict discipline is required. Prima Donnas and cheats get dropped for players who want to play. Cheika should be sacked and Moore dropped as captain. Players pulling their socks up in more ways than one will see them able to match the best in the world. As it stands their rank will continue to fall. “Stronger as one” sums the Wallabies mindset as individuals only. “Stronger as a team” might be a better motto.

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