Experience is a hard teacher. You get the test first and the lesson afterwards


The University of Chicago should be given the highest accolades for telling the youth of today where to shove their petty ideals. They’ve been told by the Dean that none of this new age nonsense to protect fragile egos exists on campus. This is exactly the right approach.

I really worry that today’s education systems are nurturing nothing but group thinking idealists with little idea how the world really operates. Who crumble at the slightest objection to their beliefs. That their own arguments are so weak that safe spaces are needed. I’d argue that if you possess true conviction backed by solid proof then your arguments will stack up in the marketplace of free speech. It is good to see that some schools are prepared to fight the systemic stupidity being drummed into students from such early ages.

Australian schools should take note. Instead of teaching kids about gender reassignment, sexual orientation and group as part of the curriculum I think perhaps we should teach kids that the world isn’t perfect and resilience is a good trait. It builds character and when the world goes to hell in a hand basket economically the old adage of “experience is a hard teacher! You get the test first and the lesson afterwards” will be forced on the whether they like it or not.

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