A team looks like a “team”right down to their bootlaces


I’m sure any New Zealander who gets the privilege of playing for the All Blacks would do it for free. It is the highest honour in the land. They look and play like a team right down to their uniform.

Look at this picture of the Wallabies. Different colour boots, some players with socks down their ankles before the match has started. Seems to me Coach Cheika’s team don’t share discipline. If you can’t get the basics right how are these people supposed to gel as a team? I’d expect this dress code from a local 4th grade Western Sydney club side.

It would appear the Wallabies look at playing for their country as self entitlement. If these players weren’t paid professionals I doubt many would bother to wear the green and gold. Therein lies your answer – no discipline.

Is it any wonder they were thumped by such a huge margin. If the hotel rooms of the All Blacks were bugged then the entire coaching team should be sacked with immediate effect. If a team shows such poor ethics off the field there is zero chance they’ll display it on. To lose with the playbook in hand makes them look even bigger losers.

Make it amateur again. Let those that love the game rise to the top.

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