Is Trump truly finished?


Not for want of trying. His gaffes seem to be rising at exponential rates and the polls continue to show he will crash & burn. Conventional logic would suggest it. I updated my latest Twitter follower growth chart. At the trough (DNC Khan saga) he has subsequently rebounded sharply to 60% higher growth than Hillary Clinton. Yes I’ve said many times if Twitter decided it Katie Perry should be President but studies conducted on UK, Brexit, Aussie and Canadian elections showed very tight correlations to the outcome.

I abhor Twitter. It is a cesspit of hate filled baiting. None-the-less it still shows that Trump continues to grow and grow in popularity. I doubt it is just people trying to add a comic relied to their feeds rather a sign of the level of distrust in the establishment. Slowing economy, rising health costs (yes Obamacare up 20%+), falling real wages, growing poverty etc.

I am not arguing for or against either candidate rather pointing out that there is a clear trend of growth in favour of Trump. A multitude of polls of 10,000 can be taken to show a 7 point Hillary lead. Last week Trump scored 140,000 followers last week. Clinton only 80,000. Since November 2015 Trump has added 6.7mn followers vs Clinton’s 3.8mn i.e. 1.75x. Why the divergence?

This is an unconventional election. Two dreadful candidates not suited to the upcoming crisis but people having to vote for their conscience – one prone to lying and the other to grandeur.

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