I guess I shouldn’t complain

It seems as though life in Japan could get better for hapless foreigners. The Ministry of Economics, Trade & Industry (METI) wants to get better quality foreigners on deck and to do so wants to encourage them through less onerous taxation. Japanese pay pretty stiff inheritance taxes so METI intends to get law changed in 2017 so that the “overseas” portion for a foreigner’s deceased estate will be exempt from such duties. An incentive to move all assets offshore before one shuffles off this mortal coil.

Other incentives will be to reduce the standard period to get permanent residence (currently 10 years) to shorter periods. More effort to be spent on English guidance in hospitals. Only about 20 hospitals nationwide are equipped to handle emergency cases involving gaijin. The goal is to raise it to 100 before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Japan is suffering long term decline in population. Each year around 1.6mn die, 1mn are born and around 40,000 foreigners come to Japan. There are around 2mn foreigners in Japan at present meaning there is little chance they’ll fill the gap unless moves such as METI suggests take place.

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