The real minimum wage & finding Susan Boyle


I’m not looking for work. I am self employed (so need to hide from boss) and finally deals/things are clicking one after the other. It’s exciting. Perseverance and execution is 99% of it. It’s a rocky road. I like to say, “when you have everything you friends know who you are. When you have nothing you know who your friends are.”

Oh yes, I miss all of the other departments which handle HR, flight bookings, expenses  and keeping me on the straight and narrow not to mention a monthly paycheck but the fruits of  success are rewarding. One project I’m working on will hopefully save 10,000s of people a lot in ways one can’t imagine. While many might think I’m far right of centre (I’m conservative) this will hopefully show my true inner communitarian.

Forgive the preamble. I got this job ad above. Now that Australia has joined the list of group thinking central banks today because they’re out of ideas I pondered the “minimum wage” argument. I’m assured the minimum salary for this role with the NSW Gov’t is zero.  Oh joy! With the ludicrous discussions in America to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, I’m guessing when the full throes of the financial downturn are upon us around the globe many will be willing to work for less than the minimum wage because food on the table is important. I think it’s why we’re seeing so much growth in . However pigheaded socialist policy will thrust more on the unemployment queue. The minimum wage argument is redundant. It is well intentioned but the bigger vices to businesses (especially small enterprises) can be make or break. I have one staffer who at the moment is paid more than me and when I eventually hit targets I will be sure to share it because of that individual’s efforts in helping to hit those goals.

I also have no faith at all in automated headhunting sites. How any employer could possibly rely on a computer algorithm to screen for roles as a superior alternative to human gut feel is beyond me. Think of Btitain’s got Talent or any other Simon Cowell derivative. He helped a pudgy middle aged Scottish lady named Susan Boyle find her true calling. No Algo could have picked her. The element of surprise comes from human interaction not from digital apps which commoditize everything. Now more jobs are coming with sexual orientation as a factor and I keep wondering that ticking I was G, B or T might enhance my chances of selection. When I start hiring down the line I won’t care about any factor other than drive, hunger and suitability.

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