Ludicrous Gestures Befitting Tailored Intolerance (LGBTI)


What a joke. The promoters of this scholarship should hang their heads in shame. If they wish to provide a scholarship for LGBTI students then call it what it is instead of trying to disguise it as a fair and open award based on merit. Perhaps they might run into bias complaints by favoring transgender over lesbians. It’s pathetic.

To ask applicants’ sexual orientation is less relevant than marital status.  This constant pandering to diversity creates intolerance. If we want a world that is free of discrimination and segregation it won’t occur if we need to categorize every minority in a box, give it a safe space and then vilify anyone who thinks otherwise. Full marks to Sonia Kruger for her remarks on TV. If we treat minorities like minorities they have no incentive to behave any other way. Hence division multiplies.

As the old saying goes, “charity is only of any use if it removes the recipients need for it!”

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