Setting the record straight


Setting the record straight. Many may view my posts as pro-Trump. They are not. What they are is an examination of facts because so much of what I read in social, printed or televised media is so fabricated or biased to be taken seriously. I make NO apologies for calling it as I see it. This is the modus operandi of the Contrarian Marketplace.

I do not have voting rights as I am not American. However millions of Americans that never voted before are registering to vote. These people are doing it mainly because they are sick of the establishment. Before they never felt they had a voice. Of course some might say I should shut up and mind my own business and I can sympathize with this view. However the outcome of the US election affects the world whether we like it or not. So even having no rights doesn’t mean the RoW should be silent.

This is all about “democracy”. How many snipes and potshots the Democrat supporters take at Trump supporters for being stupid or uneducated or will likely harden their resolve to vote for The Donald. While their education levels are supposedly in equal their democratic rights are the same. I recall the same arrogance at Brexit time. Remainers sent a spreadsheet listing all the world leaders, economists and so on in support of remaining in the EU while it listed Putin, Trump, BoJo, Farage and so on as a way to belittle the intelligence of Leavers. How this collective intelligence of Remainers was rendered irrelevant. I was always confident Leave would win for this reason. The power of democracy won out with the highest ever turnout yet the collective complacency of those that didn’t get the result they wanted pressed for an anti-democratic re run of the referendum.

I sincerely believe that the Democrats are riding on this same hubris. The original Benghazi email scandal showed to many the law was two tiered – fact. The leaked DNC email scandal that deliberately ignored Sanders’ supporters may have ended Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s tenure but for Hillary Clinton to hire DWS to head her campaign smacks of such gross ignorance. Clinton is telling Bernie voters they don’t count and I’m counting that you will still vote for me because the alternative is Trump. Once again many Bernie voters are in a similar situation to Trump. Some are hurting economically and they won’t want their vote to be taken as a given. Expect protests. DWS was booed and Sanders’ supporters were visibly upset that he still told them to vote for Hillary. They feel betrayed twice. The obvious one being the DNC shaft and the other being that their hero rolled over like this. That wasn’t the Bernie they love. Bernie voters wanted their vote to count rather then be the lesser of two evils. Reality is some will vote Trump as a protest for DNC betrayal of the core values they thought the Dems proclaimed they instill.

Don’t get me wrong The Donald has his foibles. His protectionist trade plans are concerning. A lot of his policies on health, jobs creation, defence and migration still leave question marks as to the detail but for now he is connecting with the mainstream voter. Every time the Democrats make moves that highlights their “elitism” it drives the will of the oppressed further and further away. They’ve made up their minds. Michelle Obama talking of thin skin, Twitter and nuclear codes is baseless. Bloomberg backing Clinton only exacerbates the anger of the oppressed. This is not about parties. It’s about who will beat look after them. The Establishment has failed them for decades. Trump is the left field choice.

In closing Trump would never have seen the light of day had the establishment looked after their constituents. The way I see it is simple – if the Clinton team keep doing things the way they have to date then they should expect to lose. The mainstream media will fuel the hatred the disillusioned have for the establishment. They’ve tuned out and when Trump smells victory the Mainstream will start to back him but by then it will be too late. A bit like the betting agencies when Brexit odds flipped on June 23rd. You’ve been warned. Group think can mislead you. Markets aren’t pricing a Trump presidency which will be a catalyst a la Brexit.

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