Crime in Japan and the letter the parliament never read


The murder of 19 people in a disabled home by a 26yo worker has a sad twist. The perpetrator in February handed a letter talking of intent to euthanize patients To a politician but didn’t read the letter til today. The police is under massive resource strain but this will draw large scale censure.

I have written on crime in Japan in three series:

1) Geriatric crime wave where pensioners are trying to break into prison to survive.

2) the breakdown in the nuclear family  where divorce, child abuse and domestic violence rates are soaring

3) Murder, drugs, gangsters and financial fraud

Last week I wrote along the lines of Japan’s society being a key factor in allowing shared suffering for decades of deflation and no growth and why it couldn’t work in other countries despite central banks around the world  thinking it could. Even Japanese society is  fraying at the edges. While Japan maybe better than most if not all countries human nature teaches us that unbearable suffering causes people to eventually take measures to look after themselves.

While this crime has undoubtedly shocked the world it is part of a growing sense of being lost in the wilderness of a society unsure of what to do. These crime reports explain

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