Merkel should resign


Merkel should resign if she has any dignity. A 21 year old Syrian refugee has killed a pregnant woman with a machete. 4 murderous attacks in two weeks. The police assure us this isn’t a “terrorist” event. The German people couldn’t care less for the politically correct terminology. They are sick of being treated as mugs. The jig is up. I wrote last week that if things aren’t done vigilante groups will fill the void. The number of incidents involving violent crime from local left and right wing groups is surging.

Merkel’s misguided altruism is starting to show the ugly side. Refugees should be showing utter gratitude to Germans and other nations saving them from war zones. When the Germans are having to make constant compromises to accommodate people who show little signs of gratitude is there any wonder these incidents fan the flames of hate. How can Germans honestly think “integration” is possible when such acts are perpetrated? Yet we’ll hear from the globalist social justice warriors that we can’t tar them with the same brush. I agree we shouldn’t tar with the same brush but we should set zero tolerance ground rules. That is the problem. As they stand the rules set are like mulligans in golf. Merkel is giving these people unlimited free swings and they are intelligent enough to work out they can literally get away with murder. The Swiss have exactly the right approach – Live like the Swiss or you’re not welcome. Their society is not about sharing in misery.

Merkel may have won Time Person of the Year in 2015 but I’m guessing most Germans are now questioning the award. They want their society back, however flawed it is but do not want to be told to accept people who won’t accept them.

Then I question Australia’s “Code of Behaviour”  that asylum seekers must sign making sure they understand that raping or sexually molesting women and children is not acceptable. I’m sorry but if we’re at the point of having to teach basics in human decency then we should make sure we screen properly. Perhaps people in Melbourne are thinking how their lives might be different if the Sudanese refugee based Apex gang who are stepping up home invasions and car jackings weren’t let in. It must be our fault for not being morally just enough…

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