Email hacking is so rife perhaps postcards might be safer for the DNC


Poor old Hillary Clinton has been caught up again with email related issues even if she hasn’t been directly involved in them.  The most recent leaks show the Democratic National Congress (DNC)  colluding to make sure Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be on the ticket. It is sure to annoy those Sanders fans who will feel deliberately cheated. Rightly so. Perhaps the DNC should stick to post cards in future them only the mail man might read them. Here are responses from some (supposed) Dem voters:

1) People, with a brain, should’ve realized that Sanders was never gonna get the nomination… the DNC was not gonna back Sanders, it was Hillary all the way, no matter what voters wanted!…Whether you like Trump or not, but all Sanders supporters should vote Trump, just to teach the DNC a lesson they’ll never forget! Let Hillary lose by a huge margin just to humiliate Hillary and the DNC!

2) I thought it would trump vs sanders, and I liked sanders. Then I called bull when Hilary beat sanders. Now this. I’m a democrat. And it’s sad that the only person I can root for at this point is Trump. The man may have some wacko ideas that I don’t agree with, but in all honesty at least IS a plan. Don’t get me wrong, you will hear from me if he starts striking out at minorities etc etc. But at least he holds his bullshit up front where you know it’s bullshit.

3) ‘RIGGED’ : Everything about the election reality show is complete bullshit.

4) Way to go DNC – the nutjob’s called you out – and he can – because it’s true!

5) All Bernie supporters you know what to do, jump on the Trump train…..Trump will make sure that Hitlary goes to jail.

When it comes to the presidential debates Mrs Clinton is going up against a Southpaw. Had she come up against a Cruz or Rubio we’d have an intellectual Harvard Graduate debate. Hillary Clinton could easily hold her own. However Trump will talk like a drunk on a barstool at the pub.  It will carry shock value and there will be a lot of “you’re a liar Hillary” and he’ll pitch it in simpleton language and he’ll assuage a blood thirsty crowd. The more Hillary Clinton tries to recover such taunts by appealing to her audience with her scripted intelligence she’ll only highlight all of the things that people don’t like about what she stands for – an elitist.

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