How Merkel will be inviting the rise of vigilantes


This cynical poster reflects the mood in Germany and the anger over Chancellor Merkel’s misguided altruism. While the 18yo Munich terrorist was a German born Iranian there will be little doubt radicalism was behind it. After all the terrorist events in France and Belgium, many  Germans must have been waiting for when a murderous attack might happen to them. Sexual attacks by migrants  in Cologne and Darmstadt were covered up by the police and media only adding to the anger of citizens. Then finally fears were realized. An axe attack on a train was quickly followed up with this Munich attack finally put “homicide” on the map. Two in a week.

Germans have seen a sharp rise in left and right wing extremist protests, crimes and arrests. It is at a boiling flash point. As I wrote on July 5

In Berlin, radical left anarchists are burning cars and smashing bank buildings in retaliation for what they claim is police brutality. Far-left activists in Berlin warned that they would exact €1m in revenge for any police raids on their squats and other ‘projects’ in the capital Dozens of cars were burned last weekend.

The police have reported a significant increase in far-left violence nationwide in 2015, with politically motivated left-wing crimes jumping 18 percent to 9,600. The refugee influx is a root cause with far-right groups have reacting violently and far-left groups attacking them in response. In January this year 211 far-right extremists were arrested for hosting an anti-refugee rally in Leipzig complaining Chancellor Merkel is ruining their homeland after the cover up after the new year sexual assaults in Cologne.

The Interior Ministry revealed that 39,000 (+19%YoY) politically motivated crimes were committed in 2015, with 23,000 having a far right motive. Crimes against refugees have soared from 199 in 2014 to over 1,000 in 2015. German courts are also doling out multi €1,000+ fines for online racial taunts. Pegida’s founder Lutz Bachmann, was ordered to pay €9,600 for describing refugees as ‘cattle’

Germany is yet to have a full blown terrorist attack like France or Belgium. If it does then expect these numbers to literally ‘explode’.

Now  that innocent Germans are being murdered, and young children at that, there is no way that Merkel can justify the same liberal misguided altruistic policies without drawing censure.

The CDU has had a record of hiding reality from the people. The rapes and sexual assaults by migrants in Cologne exposed the stupidity in allowing unfettered and unchecked immigration to her country. Germans don’t want to be given politically correct memos telling them to dress more appropriately in public or have public swimming pools segregated so they can prevent sexual attacks.

Sure many will argue that a German citizen perpetrated these attacks. However Australia has had most of its terror crimes committed by the children of refugees in recent years.

In any event if Merkel and her ilk continue to pander to political correctness then watch out for the rise in vigilante groups who will take the law into their own hands. The rise of the right who are burning down refugee camps maybe intolerant but they are exposing an underbelly where people have had enough. The AfD will no doubt see a surge in popularity.

Once again political correctness needs to be ditched for hard responses. Showing we have a higher sense of moral purpose is pointless as the people who carry these atrocities out because they don’t get moved by our solidarity and see it as nothing other than impotence when we choose to do nothing it hashtags and light up buildings.

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