Mrs Trump’s whump


Well it is not a good look. If you copy one thing it’s plagiarism. If you copy from two sources it’s called research. The similarities with the speech of Michelle Obama are poor and I’d imagine the speech writers who helped her put it together shouldn’t have been so gullible to think no one would catch it. I recall former Aussie PM Julia Gillard’s speech to US Congress copied U2’s Bono who spoke of her amazement of putting a man on the moon. I would argue Melania Trump’s speech writers plagiarized from Michelle Obama’s speech writers. Politicians rarely write their own speeches  They’re busy running countries not drafting prose.

Is this really going to tip Donald Trump’s apple cart?  Did people vote for Obama because of Michelle? Reagan because of Nancy? Bush because of Barbara or Clinton because of Hillary? I don’t think Trump’s popularity will sink on this. People’s poverty hasn’t changed and Hillary’s email scandals likely to weigh more in public opinion than an immigrant third wife of The Donald.

I think a growing chorus of voters are getting sick and tired of the gutter journalism that pervades every day news today. Far bigger concerns beyond a partly copied speech such as pending economic crisis driven by disastrous central bank policy, geopolitical instability and senseless murder of innocent civilians and law enforcement are more pertinent It is more frightening that people are more focused on trivial click bait than real issues which will have more profound impacts on their daily lives than they realize. Had to focus when their hunting Pokemon Go.

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