Just when I thought the media might grow up


Seems the media can’t help themselves. Even Trump’s logo is now deemed by some as “undeniably erotic.” I reckon I have a pretty broad perspective on a lot of things but not once did I think of any lewd subliminal message because there isn’t and I’m sure Trump wasn’t on the hunt for it. You really have to wonder why media outlets are seeing dwindling readership. Perhaps Toyota should be forced to change its logo because it could be mistaken for female genitalia. So for a T to go through the hole of a P it must mean penetration. I suppose if the T was next to the P it would stand for Tea Party. The list is endless even if printed with boring monochrome times new roman font.

I’ve mentioned before that today’s media is more about “the quantity” of clicks rather than content. It is a grave oversight to think that click bait headlines actually are worthy of reporting or a company lavishing ad dollars based on traffic. I’m guessing those clicks last 0.3 seconds after the churlish content is exposed. Pauline Hanson drinking milk that just happenedto be halal certified made front page news. Seriously?

So once again regardless of whether one supports Trump or not the reality is people are switching off the Mainstream media who now must resort to potty humour  to try aim for stories to go viral. As it stands in one week Trump’s Twitter following jumped another 160,000  vs 100,000 for Hillary. In Nov 2015 both had 4.3mn followers  Trump is at 9.75mn  Hillary at 7.4mn.  I’ve written before about correlation.

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