The Billionaire vs the Multi-millionairess


It is not an exact science and no Twitter is not a teller of all things but in previous elections in the UK, Brexit and Canada, Twitter followers to the election result showed high levels of correlation with R-squared’s above 90%.

Donald Trump has overtaken rival Hillary Clinton in the crucial US swing states of Florida and Pennsylvania and caught up in Ohio in the latest poll. While Hillary Clinton remains ahead of The Donald in the majority of national polls  those figures mask that US elections are typically determined by a small number of swing states, particularly Florida and Ohio.

The Clinton campaign received the backing of Bernie Sanders who claimed Hillary was just the person to take on a billionaire. I would have hoped it dawned on him that the Clinton’s are multi-millionaires.

Once again this election seems more than ever to do with “haves” and “have nots” and the Clinton email scandal only reinforces that belief.

I’ve remarked that the upcoming debates will not be the normal Harvard Society battle of who can put up the better argument. Had Clinton gone up against Cruz or Rubio then the judging would be down to presentation, articulation and persuasiveness. Sadly, any polish that Clinton can provide will be out-gunned by Trump’s barstool straight shooting talk. You can hear “you’re a liar Hillary…you’re so crooked Hillary” now and that type of talk will resonate deeply with Americans increasingly suffering from living under the shackles of the establishment.

Politics is no longer about mere parties but having a voice. People shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss The Donald. The people are no longer listening to the mainstream media either. Financial markets are not pricing in a Trump victory

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