Willy’s Jeep turns 75 this week

Jeep is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the brand this week. The birth of Jeep on July 16, 1941, Willys-Overland Motor Co., of Toledo, Ohio, received the first contract to produce the Willys MB for use by the American military.

360.000 were built by Willys-Overland and another 280,000 by Ford during the war. Simple engine and construction allowed them to run on virtually anything. 300 mile range, 100km/h top whack and reliable. Interesting that the WW1 1911A Colt and WW2 M2 50-cal machine gun remain favourites in the US military even today for their simplicity, power, accuracy and reliability. Sometimes things are such good designs they don’t require fancy upgrades.

If satellites get taken out then the effective fighting capability of smart weapons, fighters and bombs is rendered pretty much useless. That is why space remains such a sanctuary for the US military.

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