Trump trumping Hillary on Twitter


The trend is your friend. Once again Donald Trump keeps growing Twitter followers at a faster pace than Hillary Clinton. I am sure Trump’s lead will continue to extend post the farcical outcome of the Federal Bureau of Intransigence.

I keep reminding readers that Twitter followers and election results have proved pretty accurate with R-squared’s above 90% for the UK, Brexit and Canada. Despite all the huge negative media campaigns thrown at Trump, his following continues to broaden. This is not an endorsement from me rather to show how the underlying momentum continues in his favour despite many polls showing the opposite. I really believe Hillary Clinton is toast and the FBI outcome is a huge political playing card for Trump to irrefutably prove she openly lied about state secrets.

In any event, the stats in this case don’t lie. That Hillary Clinton tweeted comments made by Obama rather than have the great man himself enable her to re-tweet speaks volumes of how Obama is distancing himself about ‘trust’.

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