Teaching ‘balance’ at schools on all subjects should be mandatory


I’m not a One Nation supporter, let us get that straight but I do endorse their plan to introduce ‘balance’ in school education, including climate science scepticism.

Beyond climate science, school kids should be taught to debate all manner of topics whatever it may be – economics, history and so on. I am somewhat dumbfounded when talking to some of the youth of today as if they are completely brainwashed with the constant group think they are fed.The world is filling up with group thinkers like no tomorrow and social media only exacerbates the problem. Kids must learn the power of critical thinking otherwise we groom a generation who have no capacity for judgement or flexibility to adapt to change. General George S. Patton famously said, “when everyone is thinking the same thing, someone is not thinking!”

I must say I felt a sense of pride that my 16yo daughter was the only one in her class (and the only foreigner mind you) to vote for ‘Leave’ in a class poll ahead of Brexit the other week. We hadn’t even discussed the debate til I was helping her with economics homework last Friday. When the teacher asked her lone position in class, she politely told her that “they all looked at each other to make sure they voted with the crowd because they didn’t seem sure of what they were voting for” and followed up with, “I took that to mean ‘Remain’ looked to be a bad decision based on prevailing sentiment but in any event I do believe this about having one’s own democracy so that is why I thought Leave was the better option”

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