Wyatt Roy a victim of his own generation’s belief in social media affirmation

Wyatt Roy came to prominence as a 23 year old politician. Many looked forward to a long career but alas he was a victim of his own making. Backing Turnbull was also a rookie error.

I often sign up to a plethora of feeds to find obscure angles on things. They are rarely endorsements. One time, Wyatt Roy struck me when he re-tweeted positive words about him said by someone else. I guess the problem with today’s youth is that they rely on this “affirmation” from Twitter or Facebook. They seem to take these positive words as positive feedback leaving them exposed to the real world by relying on these false premises.

Most people that sign up to a Facebook or Twitter feed do so because they share similar thoughts or values. I noted Daniel Andrews, the Vic Premier, thinks that his followers are endorsements for his ideas and policies. Daniel Andrews champions that he has 200,000 likes, twice as many as Mike Baird in New South Wales and the completely worthless boast that Mike Baird gets no ‘Likes’ after 10pm. There are 5.8mn Victorians. We cannot even be sure that all 200,000 likes came from Victoria so even if it were true that’s is 3.4% of the Vic population. So 96.6% of the population may not agree with you. Even if we were to use the 14 million people in Australia with Facebook who could ‘Like’ your page, then it’s only 1.4%. Statistically a pathetic number.

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