If we think about it the similarities are striking


I’ve been thinking of someone to liken Malcolm Turnbull to and it has to be David Brent. Both men are out of touch with how others perceive them. This election result and the half cocked victory speech smacked of total denial.  It is all about Turnbull. There was no acceptance that he drove the party into the ground by failing to deliver on every promise he gave 9 months ago.

Voters have had it with treachery. The Liberal Party is there for the voters. Not there for individuals to make power plays for their own interests. Yet this is exactly what happened. The Abbott government won in a landslide. Fact. Even if Tony Abbott made a few gaffes he at least led the party with values. If the LNP died a death at this election with Abbott then so be it. The party would learn. The voters don’t want the party to win elections if it means abandoning the core values.

I was fortunate to talk to Tony Abbott in person. At the Aussie Embassy in Tokyo when he got the beef deal done PM Abbott made a joke in public at my and my father’s expense at our disproportionate size. Zero offense taken of course and the joke went down well but Tony Abbott came to me afterwards and humbly apologized to me in person. It is a mark of the man. He is the real article. Yet the media savaged his persona at every turn.

For all the negative group think media calling his character into question he was 100% genuine. He served as a volunteer firefighter because he wanted to serve his community not score political points. Where is Mr Turnbull on this front?

Turnbull on the other hand only wanted to be PM for his own personal desires. The Turnbull Coalition signs behind every speech he makes. It was a David Brent thing to do. Almost as if to say “my team is behind me”. It was a figment of his imagination. The selfies on public transport to show he was one of us when he wasn’t.

I hold nothing against Turnbull’s wealth or decision to enter politics. I have an issue with his  lack of EQ. To totally misread so many things. It was as if every thought bubble was on the go. No plans.  Just make it up as we go along. To the boos and heckling he got addressing the NSW branch of his own party, the unnecessary damage of the relationship with Japan, the 48hr climb down on giving states income tax powers, failing to attend the home coming of fallen soldiers repatriated to Australia and now an election result which does not give any legitimacy to his claim to be PM.

Politicians should be banned from social media to stop them fighting the 24-7 political poll fires that are lit. Then maybe they could focus on running the country rather than upping their own “Likes” and “Shares”.

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