The biggest threat or the biggest minority?

Holy Grail

I’m sure many of you thought I was going to drag out the M word.Wrong. To the mainstream media, the biggest threat to civilization by their reckoning is the old, white , poor, uneducated  (i.e. stupid)  xenophobes (OWPUX). In a world where we are increasingly restricted from making any comments about other’s colour, creeds or religious affiliation for fear of being branded a racist, bigot or worse the OWPUX is fair game. In today’s world of political correctness, where is their safe room?

This incessant push by these inner and increasingly outer totalitarians is that they cannot accept a fact. The calls to remove voting rights from these people is an appalling attempt to drown out free speech. The elites living in the West End have no comprehension of how tough these so called OWPUX are doing on the fringes. Poverty in the UK is now 25% of the population. 15.2mn Brits live below the poverty line. 2mn more than 2009. The IFS showed that the cost of living was pushing them deeper into poverty.As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, 47% of Americans (in a Fed survey) can’t raise $400 in emergency cash without selling something. That is an alarming statistic. 32% of Aussies would not be able to fund their obligations if unemployed for 3 months.

In the lead up to the referendum there was a spreadsheet doing the rounds on social media which listed those world leaders (Obama, EU leaders, multiple Prime Ministers which were mistakenly called Presidents, Kofi Anan etc), a plethora of economists, think tanks, environmentally organisations, the IMF, World Bank etc etc in support of Remain which sought to belittle Leavers by likening them to Trump, Putin and ISIS. It was this typically arrogant elitist view that somehow Leavers were stupid and without an Oxbridge education were not well placed to make an informed judgement on the referendum. I would argue the reverse. Those that voted leave came from a far broader spectrum if we sliced all 17mn of them. They came from Labour’s own heartland. They weren’t all OWPUX. What they do know is that they do not want basic democratic liberties removed.

This idea that the “youth” were robbed by the elderly in this referendum. Some even calling for an age cap on voting suggesting that senility, bigotry and the fact they won’t be around for much longer is reason enough to remove democratic rights. Disgraceful. It is a democracy and the message to these young educated people who are seemingly so self entitled in their teflon coated kevlar lined lives is that you can’t always have the outcome you want. They have proved without a shadow of a doubt that lowering the voting age is an absolute no no. Many of you have revealed you are too immature already for that. Calling for a new referendum was shameful. 28% of people didn’t show up. They had a democratic right and chose not to exercise it. All the social media around getting people to bully their MPs to get the motion to stop. I watched all of David Cameron’s replies in the House of Commons. The idea of a second referendum were shut down and the process of separation is already in effect.

Such is the divide in established party politics. This is not a fine surgical scalpel incision on the surface this is division to the core with a sledge hammer. People are sick and tired of the political class betraying the principles they promised their constituents they would uphold.  They aren’t getting it. It is the same as in the US. The rise and rise of Trump (and you can forget the polls) is because he is listening to these people who are suffering from decades of being ignored by the establishment. Brexit once again was used to defile the OWPUX in the mainstream media’s attack on Trump. It won’t work and it will only further push these people the other way. They are past the point of caring about being branded. To all these parties that brand Trump as racist he has got the highest approval from blacks, hispanics and gays of any Republican in history. Hardly a reflection of someone who so openly holds these views.

The mainstream media doesn’t get it. But as soon as Brexit was decided, the vilification of Leavers was outrageous. Once again they were mocked for being uneducated with the Washington Post suggesting that the surge in Google searches for “what is the EU?” after the result was indicative of their  having no understanding of what they had just voted on. On any measure, this doesn’t pass any smell tests. The only smell test it passes is the mainstream media’s utter inability to report facts, present unbiased informed and balanced views and these so called “uneducated” do get their livelihoods are at risk. No wonder so many media outlets are losing money and going out of business. It isn’t just about the way media is consumed it is mostly to do with content (or the lack thereof)

Branding people as bigots and racists because they don’t support the prevailing consensus view (proved wrong yet again) is unnecessary. I am sure on the fringes there is an element of that but this was a vote for protecting freedoms and the right to govern oneself not to be dictated to. Ironically, the OWPUX are a minority in today’s politically correct world. Ironically they are the group that least wants “protection”, “safe spaces” and other laws to prevent their fragile egos. They just voted for democracy for ALL, not just themselves.

This Monty Python sketch from the Holy Grail sums up the idea that the poor expect the same rights as the rich.

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