If the UK stays in the EU things will get even worse


Although lots of people are signing petitions, protesting in front of parliament and trying to badger their MPs to Remain, the sad reality is that any move to prevent carrying out the referendum will make staying in the EU an even worse alternative.

Think the EU much like the warden in the Shawshank Redemption. He saw the value of Andy Dufresne to get what he wanted for his own interests. All the while Andy was working on Plan A – tunnelling out of his cell – he played the game of the warden. When another prisoner could prove his innocence (Plan B), the warden has him killed to ensure his interests were protected. Then the warden made life for Andy even worse leaving him no option to return to plan A. He let Andy know who was boss.

The bruised egos among Eurocrats is not to be underestimated. Immediately Schulz and Juncker gave unsurprising knee-jerked responses calling for immediate exit. It took Merkel (ultimately the country that will have to bear the financial burden) to speak of a smooth exit. The EU establishment (Hollande gets it) is very worried and should be looking to ensure Austria, Sweden, Denmark, France, the Netherlands and Italy don’t take Britain’s leave.

The trigger has been pulled. The UK must for the sake of itself carry out the will of the people. These Eurocrats will seek to punish the UK for their misbehaviour. They will spend decades in solitary confinement to bend them to their will. The Remain camp would still prefer to live in misery as a marginalised EU protectorate and would only prove beyond reasonable doubt that the common sense of the ‘old uneducated white xenophobes’ to Leave was a master stroke.

Already the US is urging the ‘divorce’ to be as amicable as possible. David Cameron also expressed in the House of Commons that also be the aim of the negotiations. The longer the triggering of Article 50, the longer uncertainty will remain.

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