When in doubt, cheat to concoct a result


For all of the accusations of stupidity launched at the Leave voters, the 3 million + signatories to hold another referendum to get a Remain result have come undone by the shortcomings of a few (?). It seems that among those that registered for the petition, 25,000 apparently from North Korea and over 2,700 from the Antarctic. Some in the Twittersphere were encouraging people to sign even if they weren’t Brits on the basis that they wanted to inflate the numbers. 6% were apparently from foreigners.

According to Breitbart,

“As of Sunday afternoon, around 41,118 signatories have come from Vatican City, 11,717 from the United States, and curiously, 24,855 from North Korea.At least 19,000 signatures have come from France, and 2,735 from British Antarctic Territory, which has a population of just 250 people.”

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