British principles put before EU expediency


“There is one thing that you British will never understand: an idea. And there is one thing you are supremely good at grasping: a hard fact. We will have to make Europe without you –but then you will have to come in, on our terms”

Jean Monnet, founding father of European Union (quoted in 1961)

It seems that the British are presenting a “hard fact” to the EU’s “idea”. Once again the non-consensus view won out. Once again media got it completely wrong.

Global governments must read between the lines what this really means! Stop following Twitter and start getting in touch with your constituents. I’ve made this argument countless times with regards to the rise of Trump. Love him or hate him, despite a massive onslaught of negative media he has continued to surge in following. The media remain so fixated on their own bias which has only been exacerbated by thoughts created in an echo chamber. People have had enough. Austerity and destitution have grown sharply since the collapse of 2008. Poverty in UK is up 2mn people to 15.2mn in the last 8 years

What has struck me is that this has not been to do with political ideologies. There have been people in the main parties sitting on both Leave & Remain camps. This is about choice and freedom to choose. Despite all of the ‘risks’ to the economy the short term risks were worth it for the British.

“No matter what anyone says, the EU brought this result on themselves. People aren’t stupid. Despite attempts to belittle voters who might vote Leave by likening them to Trump, Putin, ISIS and so on, the actions of the EU to roughshod Member States has backfired badly. The Austrian reelection should it occur should put FPO in. The pitiful treatment of the Greeks, the consistent ignorance of the referendums and democratic votes etc. The EU can let loose with invective at the Brits but reality is they will be too busy trying to plug the leaks everywhere else. The EU has been too arrogant.

The British are too pragmatic for the idealistic! To think the Eurocrat threats to the British would make them yield. The British have never been afraid of threats. The British are a proud people unwilling to sell out their culture and freedoms.

Churchill was spot on: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

Await the other EU Member States lining up to leave this club.

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