An end to end all ends


I entirely agree to make sure there are no double standards. Fraud is fraud. From the Washington Post:

If Democratic attorneys general can pursue climate change sceptics for fraud, then also at risk of prosecution are climate alarmists whose predictions of global doom have failed to materialize. These have been all too many. [The UNIPCC has been utterly shameful in its countless scandals, lack of governance, due diligence or credibility. Not to mention all of the 50,000 moral crusaders who jetset to these annual climate conferences spewing tonnes of CO2 into the air to pontificate.]

The “cuts both ways” argument was among those raised by 13 Republican attorneys general in a letter urging their Democratic counterparts to stop using their law enforcement power against fossil fuel companies and others that challenge the climate change catastrophe narrative.

Consider carefully the legal precedent and threat to free speech, said the state prosecutors in their letter this week, headed by Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange.

“If it is possible to minimize the risks of climate change, then the same goes for exaggeration,” said the letter. “If minimization is fraud, exaggeration is fraud.” [We shouldn’t forget the shambles of NOAA and their repeated refusals to supply emails surrounding a whistle blowing incident over fiddling temperature data. They eventually had to be subpoenaed to Congress. If there has been nothing wrong done, there is no need to hide…

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