If you’re attempting to look smart at least get the facts straight


I often laugh when there is a proactive case made to promote a cause by using the above chart to support remaining in the EU. It is a confirmation bias in the extreme sent out to belittle those who in their hearts want to leave by trying to liken them to Trump, ISIS, Putin or Farage. If the British do vote to exit the EU then this would reveal how much contempt the British public has for them. That is more telling.

The interesting thing is the type of people that jump at the opportunity to discredit the “leavers”. However does one really think the National Union of Students who are little more than radical lefties give the “remain” camp more credibility? Same goes for Greenpeace, activists and unions. The table isn’t even factually correct. Japan doesn’t have a President, neither does NZ or Canada. What makes Kofi Anan, Obama or the Leader of the Greens, SNP, Labor a “booster” for the remain cause? Noone can rationally explain their credentials in a way that makes their opinion anything other than group think.

This type of ridicule is just a form of arrogance suggesting the average person is too stupid and without an Oxbridge education shouldn’t be engaging in the conversation. Sit down shut up and follow these supposed masters. The same masters that are leading us over a cliff.

The sad reality is the EU will collapse under the weight of its own incompetence. For all the good will in the world and short term economic rationale to stay, hard economic realities will mean that the inevitable break up of the EU is a certainty.


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