To the bleeding heart liberals from a gay man who thinks your pacifism is pointless


A very powerful speech from Milo Yiannopoulos (an openly gay man – like that should matter at all) on what he thinks of the bleeding heart liberals who openly think their views represent minority groups like his. His views are that all this peace and pacifism does nothing to deter the perpetrators of crimes against the LGBT community as I wrote earlier this week. From the 12th minute. Of course it is a highly emotive speech but he openly says the “politicians and media” don’t have your back.

Some of the statistics he speaks of coming out of Europe are rather disturbing. Of course the media think that an Iraqi refugee raping a 10 year old Austrian boy at a public pool because he hadn’t had sex in 4 months was not worth reporting on. When German women in Cologne are told by their own mayor that they should adopt a different dress code to avoid being molested after the sexual assaults were covered up you have a big problem. Similar stories of molestation in Sweden and other parts of Germany. To have radical clerics talk of killing gays being compassionate then I ask the same questions of those liberals who think ‘love and peace’ will win out?


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