Does implying Trump masturbates with skin cream pass off as comedy?

steven colbert donald trump orlando shootings

Regardless of whether one likes or hates Trump, how the producers of this show can let such poorly thought out click bait (which is 99% of it) is more reflective of the intelligence of its audience. Implying that Trump masturbates with his excess skin cream is plain childish and using a swastika to explain a joke is plain pathetic.

To turn the argument on its head, I’m sure that many Jews who saw that swastika do not view the symbol as something to make jokes given the horror it brought to its people but I can bet every dollar that Colbert wouldn’t have the guts to do anything that poked fun at anything related to Islam in a negative way. That’s the thing – these progressives have no qualms about slamming Christianity or endorsing anti-Semitic jokes at will but such is their double standards they won’t risk extending it because they are scared of potential retribution a la Charlie Hebdo.

What is interesting in today’s society is the lack of respect shown period. When was the last time a Presidential candidate was portrayed in the media as a masturbator? Maybe when I was a kid I grew up to show respect. I referred to my friend’s parents as “Mr & Mrs XXX” rather than their first names. If Trump wins the election, will the press still refer to the President pleasuring himself with skin cream?

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