Japan is a shame culture, or so I thought…


Japan is a shame culture. Or so I thought. Tokyo Governor Masuzoe has absolutely no sense of what others think of him and it is grim. Normally in Japan, if one is involved in a scandal, it is usually swiftly followed by the perpetrator falling in their sword (figuratively speaking of course) and it is soon forgotten in the passages of time.

Masuzoe on the other hand  continues to justify raiding the public purse for his family holidays, buying artworks on-line on the taxpayer credit card (supposedly to be points of discussion for foreign visitors) and exorbitant overseas official visits running into the millions of dollars. He conducted a third party review of his actions using two ‘independent’ lawyers and then apologised to the inquiry that they hadn’t finished the draft for them to read. Since when does one get to select their own people to conduct an investigation? So much for the understanding of governance.

With the ruling LDP facing upper house elections on July 10, the last thing they need is Masuzoe muddying the waters given they backed him for the 2014 Tokyo gubernatorial election. The Japanese people are really ‘outraged’ and that is not an understatement and the LDP will have to feed him to these lions before election day.

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